Food was wonderful! Authentic and old school. I loved it.-Yelp Reviews



Cheese Crisps & Quesadillas
flat or folded, this long-time favorite is delicious. Have it plain or with green chili & onions; beans; ground beef; chicken; or chorizo
Mexican Pizza
cheese crisp with green chili strips, onions, spices, tomatoes & black olives; spice it up with some machaca, chorizo, shredded beef or chicken
Mary Lou
Folded cheese crisp topped with red or green chile con carne
Charbroiled Quesadilla
Your choice-charbroiled steak or chicken and cheese stuffed in a fresh folded tortilla
Crisp fresh corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, topped with zesty jalepeno peppers


Mini Chimis
your choice of chicken, beef or bean mini chimis, served with guacamole
Mini Flautas
your choice of chicken or beef mini flautas, served with guacamole
Mini Bean Tostadas
Mini Sopes
three mini seasoned corn meal patties, lightly fried and topped with either shredded beef, chicken, or guacaole; then topped with lettuce, cheese, and tomato
Mini Beef Tacos

Dips & Chips

Chili con Queso Chorizo
a spicy combination of green chilis and jalapenos with a homemade mexican sausage in a smooth cheese sauce smooth cheese sauce
Chili con Queso Espinaca
a spicy combination of green chilis and jalapenos and spinach in a smooth cheese sauce
Chili con Queso
a spicy combination of green chilis and jalepenos in a smooth cheese sauce; also served with espinaca or chorizo
Guacamole Dip & Chips


Spicy Chicken Ceaser Salad
a ceaser salad with grilled spicy chicken
Topopo Salad
our Mexican chef's salad with mixed vegetables surrounded with pieces of chicken, slices of ripe avocado, fresh jalepenos, tomatoes, aged cheddar cheese and topped with cottage cheese
Taco Salad
our huge home-made tortilla bowl filled with chicken, red chile beef, or ground beef, and of course greens and cheese with a little sour cream
Green Dinner Salad
greens, shredded cheese, tomatoes, and olives
Guacamole Dinner Salad


a traditional Mexican meatball soup
Tortilla Soup
beef broth topped with fresh corn tortilla chips, cheese, onions, and avocado
nice and refreshing, chilled vegetable soup
Spicy Chicken & Rice Soup
a Chefs's specialty we're sure you will love